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 Our Gas Boiler Services include :


- Full Boiler Services ( Annual Service ).

- Boiler Replacement / Installation.

- Safety checks.

- Gas  Boiler Maintenance and repair.

- Gas Safety Certificates ( Certificate of compliance RGII ).

- Cookers Connected.

- Gas Fires Repairs.

- Gas Fires installed.

- Re- instal gas after disconnection certificates.






Why Should I Service my Gas Boiler or Fire
As with all heating appliances, your gas boiler needs to be serviced once a year, as recommended by the manufacturers, to ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely. An efficient boiler is more environmentally friendly leading to lower gas consumption, therefore lowering your bill

s.The safety aspect is even more critical as a regularly serviced boiler will operate safely i.e. the gas will burn correctly, reducing the risk of emissions of poisonous Carbon Monoxide and / or production of soot.

We clean and check and if necessary repair any boiler components on both the ‘wet’ side and ‘dry’ side of the boiler.

We check gas input pressure and analyse C02 levels and we also provide each client with a free computerised analysis report including C02 levels to confirm your boiler is operating at maximum efficiency and is safe to use.




Upgrade your Gas Boiler to save 20% on Energy Bills
boiler_box_3.jpgOlder Boilers generally operate at between 60% and 70% efficiency which means you are losing large amounts of heat and money by installing a new Band A boiler which operates above 90% efficiency you will be using less gas, saving you money. Also upgrading your boiler provides you with peace of mind as we will provide you with a 7 year warranty.hands_johnny_web.JPG


We can also install heating systems which are tailored to your specific needs. From a basic condensing boiler system with 6 or 7 radiators to a more complex system involving stored hot water to conventional heating and hot water systems including sealed system (pressurised) heating and mains fed hot water circuits. Whatever your needs we can design and install a heating system to meet your requirements.


We also replace tanks in attics and insulated water cylinders



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