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Our Heating Services include :


- Central Heating installation.

- Gas boiler Service.

- Gas Boiler Repairs.

- Gas Boiler Installation.

- Cold radiators repaired.

_ Pipe freeze repairs.

- Heating system balancing.

- Radiators fitted and moved.

- Central Heating circulating Pumps repaired and replaced.

- Radiator Valves replaced including Thermostatic radiator valves.

- Timing Clocks.

- Room Thermostats.

- Hot water temperature control.

- Motorsied Valves.


We install heating systems which are tailored to your specific needs. From a basic condensing  boiler system with 6 or 7 radiators to a more complex system involving stored hot water to conventional heating and hot water systems including sealed system (pressurised) heating and mains fed hot water circuits. Whatever your needs we can design and install a heating system to meet your requirements.













Installation, maintenance and repairs
Full central heating system installations
Multiple zoned heating and hot water systems

Heating controls incorporate programmable timers which split your household heating into two separately controlled heating zones - one for space heating and one for domestic hot water. In this way you can turn on your hot water  without needing to also turn on your space heating and vice versa. Additional heating zones can be created in larger homes e.g. to split downstairs from upstairs or bedrooms from living areas.


Radiator replacement and upgrades
Heated towel rails
Thermostatic rad valves
Rad valve replacement


rad_valve_thermostatic.jpgThermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

TRVs are fitted to each individual radiator and can be adjusted, independently of the overall boiler temperature
control, at any time, to your requirements. These can then be used to regulate the amount of heat passed into the
radiator according to the current room temperature. Set the TRV to a temperature setting to match your required comfort level and then, as the room temperature reaches that comfort level, the heat flow is reduced by the TRV. TRVs are particularly useful in rooms where there are otherheat sources e.g. kitchens or where the temperature requirement varies at different times of the day e.g. bedrooms or where there are rooms that are less frequently used.  TRVs can save on your gas bills, particulary where there are children who open windows when rooms get too hot.



* High Efficiency Gas Boilers Installed From €1,599


Install a high efficiency condensing gas boiler which is over 90% efficient.
By upgrading your central heating controls, you can reduce your gas by up to 25%.
You can improve your home's BER rating by up to 25%

* Straight swap subject to survey



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